Story of Psyche


The company was looking for a memorable trademark logo and came upon a painting at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.  The painting, titled “Psyche at Nature’s Mirror” by German artist Paul Thumann, depicted a young woman, Psyche (pronounced SIGH-Key), kneeling on an alabaster rock and gazing at her own reflection in a pure, clear pool of water. This seemed appropriately symbolic of White Rock’s natural water, bottled at the Waukesha spring. wrb-psyche-bg The owners of White Rock purchased the rights to the painting and adopted Psyche as their symbol of beauty, youth and purity. Psyche has the wings of a butterfly to depict immortality. Her story represents the pre-existence of the soul suffering in this life, going astray but remaining faithful to her ideals. She accepts her fate while showing courage and counting on love to lead her to life. White Rock has always called Psyche “The Goddess of Purity,” representing the purity, quality and vitality in every White Rock product. Psyche has represented the White Rock Company for over 125 years.